:: Josh & Sarah MARRIED ::

This past weekend Lindsey and I had the honor of photographing Josh & Sarah’s wedding. We loved everything about this backyard wedding, there is just something so simplistic and romantic about a backyard wedding :) Josh, Sarah and their families were so wonderful and nice to work with, and made Lindsey and I feel like “part of the group”.








We headed to Spring Grove park for a reveal and bridal portraits, that park is sosoo beautiful!






Isn’t she a pretty little flower girl :)


Did I ever mention how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE a reveal…<3 <3








Did I mention yet that Sarah is really crafty and made all the bouquets and decor! awesome!







Love the sassy shot~









Love these shots of Sarah watching the guests outside







This was so cute!  Josh, Sarah and the kids all put their finger prints on their new family tree! LOVE it!





:: SWOON ::











Everyone loves cute cupcakes :)


ummm…this is quite possibly my favorite cd ever…I really am starting to think that Sarah robbed my ipod for awesome songs!






Josh and Sarah said “should we go by the lake for sunset photos” and we said “YES PLEASE!”



Favorite <3 <3 <3

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