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We finally put up the Christmas tree yesterday – about three weeks later than normal, but at least it"s up.  We had a hard time finding lights – since a lot of ours died over the past year, and apparently if you try to shop for lights mid-December, you"re out of luck.  After going to SIX different stores I finally found some, but ended up paying WAY too much for them :(  But he tree was 1/2 up and lit, so I had to finish it up.  We put up most of our ornaments, but before we put up my childhood favorites and other collectibles,  we need to see how the twins react to the tree for a couple days.  If all goes well – we"ll add my favorites to the tree…so far, so good :)

Anyway, today I took some candid shots of the kids playing by the Christmas tree.

Love Love Love this one of Aiden – what a handsome little guy!

Ben loves his little sister :)

Laying down giggling – it"s my favorite thing to watch her do.

Ava was running around laughing and smiles ALL day – wish I could have just got her to STOP and give me a smile once…oh well  – the excited RUN will have to do for now.

Ben noticed that nothing was in his stocking yet – so he started looking for Santa!

Aiden joined in…although I don"t know if he knew who he was looking for…or just wanted to play with the blinds.

Aiden looks so much like Ben did when he was that age, it"s crazy!

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