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Ok, I know how most of blog readers are…especially photography blogs – you"re here for the photos, and don"t always read everything that goes with them.  Shame on you…and me (I"m also VERY VERY guilty of this).  But anyhow, if you haven"t been reading posts then you wouldn"t know that Jeff and I are expecting a little baby BOY the first week of April :)  We are getting really excited about him, it was such a surprise to us. We were just feeling adjusted to our twins, that we had in 2009, but here comes another, and our last.  We feel 4 kids is MORE than enough for anyone, and are definitely done after this one, but I have to admit, it makes me a little sad to know that I"ll never be pregnant again after this, and we"ll never get to have another little precious newborn who LIKES to be held.  New moms out there – you don"t know how sad it is when all the sudden your kids don"t want to cuddle anymore, they just want to play.  BUT anyhow…we"re 30 weeks already.  Yes, yesterday I really did truly believe we were 28 weeks, but my sister (who is due ONE day before us) corrected me of the week. 

It"s funny how for your first pregnancy -  you know the exact week/day you are, the whole pregnancy.  Just ask a first time mom how far she is – most likely she"ll say something like "12 weeks 4 days".  I was that way, and when we had the twins, it was still something new and exciting, so I also kept track of everything.  This time around is different – I feel like a pro or something! lol – I can"t believe how must FASTER pregnancy goes when you"re not checking the "what to expect this week" sites all the time.  I feel like we just found out we"re pregnant, and now we only have 10 weeks left!!

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