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It"s been a while since I made a post on the blog – I can"t believe I let it slide this long!!!  We"ve been busy getting ready for baby number four :) only 3.5 more weeks until his arrival.  Today we went out to get some family pics – while I still have my baby bump.  This is our last kiddo, so we decided since we"ve never done maternity pics – now would be the best time.  We"re 36 weeks already, can"t believe it!

We also tried to get some family pics – I think we asked TOO much.  It was slightly cold and the kids are young.  Aiden wanted NOTHING to do with them, but we still got a couple fun ones of the kids…and by WE I mean LINDSEY!!  a HUGE thanks to Lindsey for taking all these amazing shots!!!! yay!!  This is only one of the many reasons we couldn"t live without her!

sooooooooooo here there are.  Our family 2011.

Just me – I can"t believe how HARD it is to be on this side of the camera.  I will now go easier on ALL clients!

We decided that since we weren"t going to get ALL the kids to look…it was easier to just go with the "nobody look thing"  -  Then Aiden decided to look! lol 

I honestly just love this one with Aiden kicking his foot!

I think Ben was doing a pretty good job trying to control those crazy twins!

LOVE this one of Jeff and Ava!

Did I ever mention how hard it is to get Ava to look at the camera AND smile.  Oh well – she is so pretty, either way!

Ben just loves Oliver – or as he calls him.  "Benjamin Ollie"  - lol!

Me and my Jeffy :)

LOVE this one of me and Jeff!!

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