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Meet Oliver

It"s been a long time since I"ve made a blog post – I"ve been SO busy at home with family, that my poor LG blog has been seriously lacking.  I need to be better with this, can that just be my goal for the next weeks and months?

So Oliver will be one week already tomorrow, we"ve been home from the hospital since Saturday, and it"s wonderful.  Before Ollie was born I thought about how I was going to be doing photoshoots daily and this and that.  I had big plans.  Now that he is born, I find myself just snuggling with him, while still trying to find quality time to spend with the other kids as well.  So while the photographer in me is jumping up and down yelling to "take more professional photos" the mom in me is okay with just snuggling.  So far my camera has stayed in its case for the most part.  Only coming out when family is over – just to grab a few candid shots.  I have taken a couple shots with the backgrounds…but not many.  I think I"ll try and do an official shoot this weekend.

Having Ollie reminds me so much of what life was like after having Ben.  Jeff and I keep thinking back to after the twins were born, having twins with a two year old running around is really stressful.  After feeding, burping, changing and such for the two babies (and two year old Ben) we were exhausted.  We didn"t feel like we had that time to just relax and enjoy them.  I look back now and just get sad b/c I feel like we were so busy and running around all the time, we never took the time to just STOP and enjoy them.  Now they will be TWO next month – where the heck did that time go.  How did they get this big in the blink of an eye?  Now with Ollie (our LAST baby) I find myself trying to soak it all in.  I"m perfectly content staying up late at night – just to hold him.  I"ve been enjoying reading little books to him, feeding him and just BEING.

Anyway – here he is.  Our perfect little Oliver Jeffrey Gross.

Born 4-7-11

8lbs 6oz

More photos to come soon – just a couple for now :)

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