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Yay!  Lg hit our 300 fan mark!!  As promised LG is going to offer a FREE SESSION to one of our fans (eeek!).  We are so excited, it feels like it was just yesterday that we started our fan page.  I *could* go on and on about it – but I know you’re all just here to hear about how the free session is going to work.
We’re going to hold a little bit of a contest here at LG – that will run for 2 weeks. The free session is good for a baby, children, family, engagement or lifestyle session. Sooo here are the details.

How it works:
#1.) Email me (Lisa) a photo of the child, family or couple that would like to receive the *free session* before July 4th.    Limit – ONE photo per child/couple/family.  Please specify in your email what type of session you would like to win.

Lisa email: lisa@lgperspectives.com

#2.) We will gather all photos submitted and make a facebook album on the fan page. From there, the contest is really really easy.  The photos will be up for just one week.  Then on the morning of July 12th we will see who has the most “likes”.  All photos will then be taken off the page – just so we don’t get more “likes” after we have ended the contest.

#3.)  We will notify the winner on or around July 12.  Winner has 48 hours to reply to us about the free session.  If we do not hear from the winner, the next photo with the most likes will be our new winner…and it goes on from there.

What the winner gets:Winner gets one FREE session on location (Grand Haven/Grand Rapids ) with online blog preview and password protected gallery.  Winner ALSO will received 40% off all a la carte items!!!  To see current LG prices go here.

and since this is a photography blog…there has to be at least ONE photo in the post…right?!  Here’s just a random pretty…my favorite flowers, tulips :)

of course there IS some small print, now if I were reading aloud – this is the point where I would start reading crazy fast so you can hardly hear/understand.  lol – but really,  just a couple more little rules.

1- free session must take place in July or August of 2011
2 – if winner chooses an engagement session with LG, and later chooses to book a wedding with LG, there will be no discount off wedding packages.
3 – LG will be ending the contest on July 12th – but reserves the right to extend contest, with notice to fans.  All photos will be removed from fan page as soon as contest ends – just to avoid confusion on when photos were “liked”
4 – Please send a photo that was taken in 2011.
5 – Please submit non-professional photos only.  Professional photos will not be accepted, LG will notify sender of this, and ask for a different photo
6 – LG has the right to refuse any photo that we deem inappropriate  - this is a family friendly contest :)
7 – please – no nudity.  Even with cute little baby butts (lol!)

That’s it – ready…set…go!   Just in case you forgot already…or don’t want to scroll back up – here’s my email address again.

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