:: Brandon and Jaimie – MARRIED ::

Brandon and Jaimie – Married Grand Rapids, MI 9-10-11

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I met up with Jaimie last fall.  We chatted about the wedding and engagement session and it was all so far away…fast forward to this spring/summer and we had a super fun engagement session in dt Holland.  We just *knew* that this wedding was going to be awesome – b/c these two are so fun and laid back and all together awesome.

We were even more excited when Jaimie was telling us that the colors for her wedding were “shades of brown” – omgoodness…that is like music to our hearts…we LOVE “shades” of colors, and in brown?  YES please!!  Jaimie had SO many diy projects at her wedding and reception – we were in love.  This is one of my longest wedding previews..and to be honest I didn’t even cover all the awesomeness that was there.  There are soo many things I just couldn’t fit into the preview…I’m thinking that I am going to have to make another post sometime soon of JUST all the amazing details….including a candy buffet that kept my kids (and me) happy for days! lol  sooooooooo lets get started!

I was soo in love with Jaimie’s dress…yes several shots of it are necessary ;)

Jaimie used a pair of her grandma’s earrings to add some flair to her shoes..and it’s “something old”

Remember those earrings on the shoes…well look closely at her bouquet – you’ll see the matching brooch!  Also – did I mention how much I loved her flowers!  Jaimie had a family friend, Debbie, make them – they were GORGEOUS!

Jaimie chose to have just her mom and dad in her room while getting ready – it was so sweet and a special time for them to spend together before the wedding!!

We headed over to townsend for some photos – love that park!

Their reception was at Cannonsburg – which btw..is an awesome venue for receptions!  Jaimie put sooo much time and work into all the details at her reception!  Here are just some of her details!

ohhh and Brandon MADE this cake…it’s awesome, right?!

Since it was the weekend of September 11th – Cannonsburg had 3200 flags all over the hills…after dinner we strolled through them..

This is possibly my most FAVORITE thing that has ever happened at a wedding that I have photographed.  Brandon and Jaimie had paper lanterns for everyone to “send off” and make a wish!  It was amazing to watch!!!


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