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I took the kiddos out for some updated photos the other morning..just me and the kids.  After I was there – I thought about how it was a challenge.  I went to a park in Spring Lake that I have been wanting to shoot at for a while.  I wasn’t even planning on going over by the trees – I was planning on shooting in front of this cool painted wall.  But since all the sudden it was chilly…and the kids were acting crazy (as per usual) – I decided to stay close to the car and take them out one at a time and then a couple at a time, lol.  We were only there for about 15 minutes, and the group shots are funny.  It’s okay  - I mostly was just looking to update ones for each one of the alone.  I would say I got that and more :)

The only shot with all four – typical life ;)


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  • Deb Boogaard - Love them all! So cute!

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