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So, as a lot of my readers know, last year my kiddos were dressed up as the cast of Wizard of Oz – and I loved it.  I decided right then, I was going to try and go with the themed costumes as long as the kids would let me.

Here they are last year:

This year we had SO many ideas…so many options.  Ben really wanted to be a big bad wolf, and have the twins and Ollie be the “three little pigs” – I thought this was hilarious and awesome btw.  But then we thought about Mario, Luigi, Princess and Toad, we thought about different color power rangers, Toy story characters and honestly the list goes on and on.  There are actually a ton of options for the kiddos…but we landed on Jeff and Ben’s favorite movie of the year.  The Avengers.  So the kids are dressing up as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America.    YES!  I know Ava could have been The Black Widow..but something about that character seemed a little too…lets say… adult for our 3 year, blond haired, blue eyed, baby girl.  So obviously THOR was the best, after all, they totally have the same hair.

After seeing this on pinterest:

I thought…Ava could totally pull off Thor.  Now I just needed to figure out how to make a tutu – and yes, I know there are a million tutorials online for this.  But I have tried in the past and failed…yes FAILED!  My tutu looked more like a clown wig than a tutu.  That’s when I came across Jaimie’s new fb business page,   Jw Boutique.   She makes beautiful tutus and hair clips for a really really reasonable price!  I was so excited, she was beyond easy to work with, and made the PERFECT tutu for Ava’s Thor costume.

I am posting this before Halloween, b/c I wanted to make sure that other moms could see that your daughter CAN be a super hero – ANY superhero! and still be girly :)  This is the perfect solution!!  I am so excited, and I have been meaning to get these photos on the blog for a while now.

I know you’re all waiting…I know you want to see all the kiddos, but I just took pics of Ava.  You’ll have to wait until Halloween to see the rest of the cutie pies ;)

Look how cute that tutu is – it’s PERFECT :) :) :)

So GO – hurry and check out Jw Boutique and see if a tutu is the right addition to your Halloween Costume – OR your everyday LIFE.  Because lets face it – every girl needs a tutu :) :)

Jaimie – I can’t thank you enough for the wonder tutu and hair clip!  I love them, and it’s 1 million times better than when I tried to do it myself!!



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