:: Jeff’s 30th Surprise Party! ::

I am so excited to share this post with you!  Last weekend we had a surprise party for my hubby, Jeff!  I am so excited with the way everything turned out and it was so much fun!  We had a Minute to Win it theme, which btw, makes for a hilariously fun time!

h yeah…we also found a rockin’ pic of Jeff and used his face all over the decor of the party too.  Just b/c we’re awesome like that!

yay for him being confused and surprised when he showed up at the community center

We had so much fun planning this party – and by we, I mean Me, Lindsey and our friend Kristen.  It’s been in the works for a while and we had such fun craft nights each week leading up to the party…I’m actually sad it’s over.  But that’s fine…we have many more parties to plan ;)

Dessert table – aka – Sweet Stuff

Pinata cookies – which are actually NOT easy to make.  No matter how easy the blogger in that post says!  She must be amazing b/c we tried different shapes, and had to end up doing squares…it was the best we could do!

Cookie Dough Bites

We encouraged our guests to take desserts and sweets home in fun to go boxes.

yay!!  30!!! 

For food we had Subway, a couple snacks and popcorn :)

Here are the popcorn labels up close, lol

What’s a party without scratch off LOTTO tickets?!?!

Pinwheels – these were actually hanging during the party

As for the teams and party time – we had everyone show up in their team colors – we made ribbon wands and buttons for each team color, just for fun.

and we totally made party hats, on headbands so they weren’t annoying to wear, and of course noise makers.  But our noise makers were from the dollar store..and didn’t in fact, make noise!

We etched pint glasses for each guy and wine glasses for the girls – a fun favor that the guests got to take home at the end of the night!

Wine..oh the wine.  A lot of the party planning was actually based on the wine labels I made right in the beginning!  I just kinda heart them!

Here are a few more of the labels – all with different weird puns…and Jeff’s awesome face, of course!

Of course we had to have beer too – we filled all our growlers at New Holland Brewery – great prices and fantastic beer!

Then we played Minute to Win it games – they honestly were so hilarious.  I feel bad that I didn’t get more shots – but I was mostly busy just laughing at with others.  Also – they aren’t the best quality, but I was mostly just snapping some quickly between turns!

Our score board :)
How’s it hanging:

Junk in the trunk:

Chocolate Unicorn:

We played others too – but I didn’t get pics of them all!  and some games…like Face the Cookie, the photos were randomly awesome.  But I’m guessing those in them would rather not have them posted – as they are awful unflattering to say the least – but awesome!  You know who you are – and don’t think I won’t post them on my fb wall!!

Oh yeah – we had a photobooth!  please excuse the lighting, it was right next to big florescent lights.  But the photos are still awesome, here are some.

I loved this photobooth sign, I saw one on Pinterest – so I tried to recreate it!

We ended the night with a midnight snack:


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