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Gosh – it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog – I bet you think I fell off the face of the planet… :)  Well I’m happy to say that all is well, but man…if last month didn’t kick my butt!  As most of you (fb followers) know – I did my last sessions for the year last month.  I was so excited to catch up on all of my editing and have December to work on my new site…
Last month I got a new computer – woot woot!  anyhow to make a VERY long story short – I had some hard drives failure problems and I had to send them away to be repaired – I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of my clients that have been waiting SO nicely for their photos!  Now that I have all my images back – I am going to get back in the grove, and I hope to have lots of previews up for you this week – and clients can look forward to receiving their full galleries in the mail soon too!

Anyway – enough with that ;)  Last month I met up with the Whitings – who have been on this blog so many times.  I honestly am so excited when my clients come back year after year.  Before we get to their new photos – lets check them out from day one on the blog.

Matt & Ashley – belly pics

Hospital pics of Greyson – their oldest

Greyson – newborn

Family – 2010

Family 2011

Whiting Family 2012


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  • JynnaVyve - YOU GUYS ARE ALL GORGEOUS. wow....LOVE these pics!!! :D
  • Lindsey - OMG! So precious :) That last one of Keaton with Matt is suuuper adorable!!

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