:: Surprise! ::

I was so excited when I got a message from our friend Keelyn last month saying that her friend Mike wanted to set up a surprise engagement photoshoot with his girlfriend Ryan.  Ryan has actually come with me to a couple photoshoots to 2nd shoot/practice!  So of course I was so excited to help them plan it out and be a part of it.  I haven’t ever done a shoot like this.

So we set it up like she was helping me scout out locations and practice lighting a couple different locations, and I asked if she wanted to bring her boyfriend along so we could have some subjects to shoot – duh :)  She was more than happy to bring along her boyfriend, for what she thought was just a practice shoot.  We met up at a local laundromat – yeah, just something new and fun I haven’t ever done before.  It was fun, and actually a little busy (I thought it would be empty on Sunday morning in Grand Haven) – then after a while we were kicked out asked to leave, b/c we were not in fact, doing laundry.  Oh well – fine by us, we got the shots we wanted anyhow ;)

Next we headed downtown to an old brick building I’ve been eyeing for a while – this is where Mike popped this question!  This was such a fun experience!  I am soo excited that Mike had an awesome idea and that I was included in it!  Thank you SO MUCH guys!  you are awesome and I am so happy for you! Congrats again!

Here it is :)

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  • Lindsey - This is so adorable! Love it :)

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